Our studio

Our studio consists of a space of 190 m2. We have set up three different types of turntables in our studio, in two different size ranges (max. 3 meter and max. 1 meter).

One of our turntables is specially build for 360°x90° photography.

Furthermore we have a white cabine of 7x5x3 meters that is the standard set up for our largest (3 meter) turntable. This cabine enables us to do even the toughest kinds of photography, such as white on white and objects with fully reflective surfaces. 

In this diffusely lighted cabine your product will be optimally lighted from every angle.

Our turntables can handle objects ranging from very tiny to very large. The largest object we can handle is 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 meters wide. (LxWxH).

Specifications of our turntables:

  • VR1m – 1 meter diameter (360°), max. 100 kg load.
  • VR3m – 3 meter diameter (360°), max 2200 kg load.
  • VRobot – 0.8 meter diameter (360° x 90°), max 50 kg load.