The VRman turntable

The VRman is our manually operated turntable (also called indexing table) with clearly tactile stops. The number of stops per rotation can be selected by moving  the Selector at the bottom of the turntable to another setting.

Using the Selector the VRman offers the following number of stops: 

8, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 72 stops per rotation.

The selector’s spring pressure can be adjusted so that the turntable feels light and subtle – or heavily constrained. 

The VRman is an extremely robust turntable, made entirely of stainless steel and (10 mm thick) aluminium, coated with two layers of powder coating. The VRman has a diameter of 60 cm and can carry loads of up to 300 Kg. 

The VRman is a tool that allows every photographer to make very accurate 360 presentations, without having to install software and which can be easily carried to any location. We have already sold several dozen VRman turntables to Dutch and Belgian studios. 

Price €750,- (excluding. VAT) 

The bottom side of the VRman with the Selector clearly visible