Our most advanced baby…

We have been making turntables for 360° product photography for the last decade already, for ourselves and for you.  We work with our own turntables on a daily basis. That enables us to develop, update and finetune the hard- and software continuously.  

Now, after having designed, build and programmed approximately 4 generations of turntables, we are proud to present you our most advanced turntable: The VR1m!

Our goal with the VR1m was to build a turntable without play, with an accuracy of more than 0.05°. The VR1m manages to easily keep up with these goals and has a repeatable accuracy of 0.02°. 

Furthermore the VR1m had to be a sturdy turntable. The VR1m has entirely been made out of anodised aluminium with Acrylic black high gloss side panels. The internal gears are made from very durable and tough POM (better known as Delrin).

The top disc is made out of steel, enabling us to attach a (consumable) top disc using magnets. In the center of this top disc you can insert a socket hex bolt that can be used to center any other (eg. foamed PVC) top disc.

Despite its compact dimensions of 45x45x15 cm, the VR1m can support an object disc with a diameter of 1 meter and can support loads of up to 100 kg.

Despite its high specs and its extremely elaborate, yet user-friendly user interface, the VR1m is one of the most affordable automatic turntables on the market today. In fact it is THE most affordable turntable when you compare it to the maximum load it can carry. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in keeping the price of the VR1m as low as €1395,- (excl. VAT) 

We produce the VR1m ourselves and have it in stock at the moment, so delivery will be fast. 

VR1m Price € 1395,- (excl. VAT)


VR1m draaitafel
The VR1m turntable - Click on the image for a 360° view.
Watch the video of the VR1m