Design philosophy

The VR1m turntable is, as mentioned, the result of years of experience in the field of 360° product photography. As a result the VR1m is the turntable, that offers the most complete set of options and applications compared to any other turntable for 360° photography that is available on the market today.

We’re talking about the functionality of the turntable here. We do not consider things like capturing / storing or editing pictures, from the camera, as the functionality of a turntable. Such software already exists and the professional product photographer has often integrated this software into his / her workflow for a long time already.

Our view is that the creator of a turntable should not traverse this workflow by letting the software of the turntable take over parts of this workflow. Especially if this comes at the expense of important turntable functionality. We, the makers of the VR1m,  who also work with the VR1m on a daily basis, have therefore enhanced the VR1m software up to a level that it contains every conceivable application for a turntable.  

However, the VR1m user interface is never compelling or forcing you towards a particular method or workflow. All functions are accessible at any time. That is the key to a flexible and diverse user interface.

VR1m userinterface - Tab GOTO with absolute and relative angles