Optional accessories for the VR1m:

• Object discs (with magnetical fixation)

Object discs are the surface on top of which the object that is to be photographed will be placed. Hence the object disc has two functions: 1. To give the object support to stand on and 2. to enlarge the white area surface surrounding the object, in order to have the borders of the disc fall outside or behind the object. 

Our optional object discs are primarily meant to do the latter. If you want to support an object that has a footprint outside of the supporting black steel disc of the VR1m, we advise you to create your own objects disc made from MDF panels and fix it with 8 M6 bolts to the black steel disc. Of course if you are no DIY person, we can do that for you as well according to your specifications. Just drop us an note.

The object discs in the list underneath are made from foamed PVC: 

Prices object discs (foamed PVC):

• Ø 60 cm   – price €   80,-
• Ø 80 cm   – price € 120,-
• Ø 100 cm – price € 200,-

A cross laser projects a red cross onto the centre of the object disc in order to indicate where to put you object on the turntable. 

We have the following cross lasers on stock:

• Cross laser type 1:

This very crisp cross laser should be located precisely above the centre of the turntable.

• Focusable red cross laser (5mW).
• Including power supply and cabling, suitable for connection to the VR1m. 

Price cross laser type 1 (laser only):  € 45,-  
Price cross laser type 1 (complete set with cables and power supply): €120,-
Price cross laser type 1 (complete with cables, power supply and 3D printed adjustable clip): € 200,-

• Cross laser type 2:

This is a cros laser consisting of two seperate line lasers that can be adjusted to cross one another at a desired spot (the centre of the turntable eg.). This laser is suitable for situations where a cros laser can not be put directly above the centre of the turntable. It is suitable for short distances only. This cross laser is battery operated, so no external power supply is needed.

Price cross laser type 2 (laser only):  € 25,-  
Price cross laser type 2 (complete set with cables): €50,-

Camera trigger cables:

Camera trigger cables should be connected between the VR1m and your camera in order to trigger the camera (take a picture) at every stop or when the trigger button has been pressed in the user interface.

The VR1m comes complete with one free camera trigger cable. Since different camera brand need types of different trigger cables however, you need to specify what the brand is of the camera you would like to use with the VR1m. You can do this in the comment section of the order form of the VR1m. 

Foamed PVC discs in 3 sizes.
Cross laser type 2
Camera trigger cable for the Canon DSLR camera's