VR1m turntable

Our most advanced brainchild…‎

‎We have been producing various different turntables for 360° product photography for several years, both for ourselves as well as for third parties. 

By working with our own turntables, we constantly see how they can be improved on. Now, 4 generations later, we are proud to be able to present our latest and therefore most advanced turntable, the VR1m.‎

‎The goal of this VR1m was to build a high-end extremely accurate turntable, with an accuracy of at least 0.05 degrees. The VR1m achieves these specifications with ease and in reality it even achieves a repetition accuracy of 0.02 degrees.‎

‎Furthermore, it had to be a sturdy and yet a portable turntable. The VR1m is only 45x45x15 cm in size and can nevertheless support a disc of 1 meter and carry a load of 100 kg. ‎

‎The VR1m still had to be affordable despite these high specifications. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in producing and offering the VR1m for the very competitive price of €1395,- ‎

‎The VR1m is produced by us in small series and is therefore available from stock. ‎

‎VR1m Price € 1395,- ‎‎(excl. VAT)‎


VR1m draaitafel
The VR1m - Click on the image for a 360° presentation of the VR1m
Watch the video of the VR1m

Design philosophy

‎The VR1m turntable is the result of years of experience in the field of 360° product photography. The VR1m is therefor ‎‎the ‎‎turntable, which offers by far the most functionality of all turntables available on the market for 360° photography. ‎

‎We talk about the ‎‎functionality of the turntable‎‎ here. We consider things like capturing and editing the pictures from the camera, not as the functionality of a turntable. Such software already exists and the professional product photographer often has already integrated this software into his / her workflow.‎

‎Our opinion is therefore that the maker of a turntable should not interfere with this workflow by having the software of the turntable take over parts of this workflow. Certainly not if this is at the expense of important turntable functionality. We, the makers of the VR1m, who also work with the VR1m on a daily basis, have therefore given the VR1m software all functions that a photographer could possibly need from a turntable. ‎

‎However, the user interface of the VR1m is never compelling or tending towards a certain workflow with the turntable. All functionality is in reach at any time.‎

VR1m userinterface - Tabblad goto met absolute- en relatieve hoekverdraaiingen

‎The VR1m has 3 modes:‎


1. 360° product photography

‎•‎‎ adjustable number of stops per revolution ‎
‎•‎‎ adjustable rotation speed‎
‎‎‎•‎‎ adjustable acceleration‎
•‎‎ adjustable pause/ stabilization time‎
•‎‎ adjustable camera‎‎ trigger time ‎
•‎‎ adjustable number of triggers per stop‎
•‎‎ relative and absolute mode‎
•‎‎ cross laser automatic on/off (never on during photo)‎
‎•‎‎ continuous rotation for video possible‎
‎•‎‎ set current position as zero
‎•‎‎ go to (goto) function (angle input)‎

2. Stop-motion animations and complex 360° product photography‎

‎•‎‎ adjustable relative angular rotation per stop‎
‎•‎‎ if desired: laser on during each stop
(laser automatically turns off while taking a picture)‎

‎•‎‎ similar settings as with the 360° product photography‎

3. Product photography from a fixed number of angles‎

‎•‎‎ self-compiled list of desired angles‎
‎•‎‎ possibility to play the sequence of angels once or looped
‎•‎‎ similar settings as with the 360° product photography‎

Technical specifications of the VR1m:‎

‎•‎‎ maximum object disc diameter: 100 cm (optional)‎
‎•‎‎ maximum permissible weight of the object: 100 kg‎
‎•‎‎ diameter steel top disc (take-away for object disc): 40 cm‎
‎•‎‎ steel top disc is equipped with 8 pre-taped M6 holes, so that you can mount your own top disc. Of course you can also buy one of our optional top discs ready-made.‎

360° product photography mode (steps per 360°)
Stop-motion mode (degrees per step)
Product photography from an arbitrary set of angles

‎Optional accessories for the VR1m:‎

‎• Object discs‎‎ (with magnet adhesion)‎

‎Object discs are the surface on the turntable on which the object / product to be photographed is placed. These discs increase the circular surface area surrounding the object, causing the edges of the turntable to fall outside those of the object. 

The object disk is therefore not so much intended to support the object and therefore has more of a function for photography than for the stability of the object. 

If an object has a footprint bigger than 40 cm however, you should have an object disk made from a  sturdy material (such as chipboard or MDF) and attach this disk using the 8 pre-tapped holes in the metal black top disc of the VR1m. 

The VR1m is specified to be able to rotate objects of 100 kg. It should be noted that heavy objects are assumed to have their weight concentrated in the middle of the turntable. ‎

‎The object discs below are made of a light material and are magnetically fixed to the steel carrier of the VR1m. These are ideal for objects with a footprint of 40 cm (diameter) or smaller. ‎

‎Prices of foamed object discs:‎

‎• Ø 60 cm – ‎‎price € 80,-‎
‎• Ø 80 cm – ‎‎price € 120,-‎
‎• Ø 100 cm – ‎‎price € 200,-‎

• Cross laser

‎A cross laser is intended to indicate the center of the object disk by means of two intersecting red (laser) lines. This makes it easier to place the object / product in the middle of the object disk. ‎

‎• Focusable cross laser (5mW red). ‎
‎• Incl. power supply and cabling ‎
‎ (can be connected directly to the VR1m)‎

 ‎price for cross laser‎‎ € 80,-‎

‎•‎‎ ‎‎Camera trigger cables‎

‎Camera trigger cables are connected to the VR1m, in order to enable the VR1m to trigger the camera (to have a photo taken). There are different trigger cables for the various types of cameras. When purchasing your VR1m, you must indicate for which camera you wish to have a trigger cable included. With each VR1m, 1 trigger cable is included free of charge. ‎

Foamed PVC object discs are available in 3 sizes
One of the avaible types of cross lasers for the VR1m
Camera trigger cable included - please let us know what camera you are using!

‎Manual of the VR1m‎

‎A clear Dutch manual of the VR1m is of course available.

An English manual has unfortunately not been created yet.

However nowadays, using Google Translate, you should be able to read the 37-page richly illustrated manual explaining  all setting and options.

In addition, the various methods for preparing and executing 360° photography with the VR1m are discussed in this manual.‎

‎Everything is covered: From connecting the camera and the cross laser to setting the parameters for the stabilization time and trigger times.‎

‎Click on the image‎‎ ‎‎or the button at the bottom to view the manual and get to know the possibilities of the VR1m.‎

‎Or click on the button below ‎‎to download the manual for offline use as PDF.‎

Click on the images to see the manual of the VR1m

The VR1m APP


‎The VR1m can be operated wirelessly with any ‎‎smartphone‎‎ or ‎‎tablet‎‎ via our ‎‎Android‎‎ or ‎‎iOS‎‎ App.‎

‎Click on the icon of the OS of your choice to download your version of the app from the App Store or from the Play Store.‎

‎You can also control the VR1m from any ‎‎laptop‎‎. You do not need an App or additional software. The VR1m can be operated from any browser. In the ‎‎manual‎‎ ‎‎you can read how to connect your laptop to the VR1m.‎