VRman draaitafel


The VRman turntable

The VRman is our manually operated turntable (also called indexing table) with clearly tactile stops. The number of stops per rotation can be selected by moving  the Selector at the bottom of the turntable to another setting.

Using the Selector the VRman offers the following number of stops: 

8, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 72 stops per rotation.

The selector’s spring pressure can be adjusted so that the turntable feels light and subtle – or heavily constrained. 

The VRman is an extremely robust turntable, made entirely of stainless steel and (10 mm thick) aluminium, coated with two layers of powder coating. The VRman has a diameter of 60 cm and can carry loads of up to 300 Kg. 

The VRman is a tool that allows every photographer to make very accurate 360 presentations, without having to install software and which can be easily carried to any location. We have already sold several dozen VRman turntables to Dutch and Belgian studios. 

Price €750,- (excluding. VAT) 

The bottom side of the VRman with the Selector clearly visible

Design philosophy of the VRman

When designing the VRman, we wanted to create a virtually indestructible manual turntable for photography that is capable of adopting the exact same position time and time again.  

By using a hardened steel ball, that is pushed against a stainless steel disc that contains slots, the turntable always ends up in the exact same position without any slack. 

Because the turntable does not need a power supply or any software to be operated, it is very user friendly and extremely suited for the creation of precise 360° presentations at any location. The setup needed to achieve very good results is rather simple as you can see in the image on the right (or below).


Specifications of the VRman

• Extremely sturdy design. 
• Number of stops / revolution can be set to:
  8 / 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 72 stops/rev.
• Maximum load (in the center) 300Kg.
• Ready to be build-in, as part of a studio table top setup 
   (using 4 x M6 bolts that replace the rubber feet.)
• Prepared for fixation of larger object disc.
  (using 8 x M6 bolts in tapped holes in upper disc)
• Weight VRman 12 Kg.
• Dimensions: 60 cm diameter. Height = approx. 6cm (incl feet)

Side view of the VRman

VRman manual

This vrman manual not only discusses the possibilities of the VRman, but also the workflow of making a 360° presentation is extensively covered.

Unfortunately this manual is in Dutch and we have not yet created an English translation ourselves, but… using Google (or Microsoft) translate, you can have it translated into English rather well nowadays. 

Click the image or button below to download the offline usage guide as a PDF.


Click on th eimage to dowload the VRman manual (PDF) (Dutch)